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I did not set up this blog to rant about life. I set up this blog to blog about the things that I am passionate about. (Read my first post to see the short list.)

What I am about to say is something that has been mounting for awhile. Please forgive me for ranting.

I have been living in a state of transition since Summer of 2005. My life has been a series of temporary stops since the fateful day of 07/06/05. I had a job for a year, then I went to Minnesota for school, graduated in May and now I'm applying for just about anything that I think I can get. If I sat down and counted the number of interviews I have been on, I would cry. I was doing okay for a long time about my lack of job or my lack of permanence. However, the past two weeks, I haven't been doing so well with this. So, gentle reader, I have two requests.

Thing #1. Join my cheerleading squad. Encourage me whenever possible. When I start to fall, when I start to get frustrated, remind me that there is possibili…