Saturday, March 19, 2016

What's in my bag?

So, Julie and I had a brief conversation about what is in my "go to" bag.  Well, here it is!  Sometimes I feel like it's excessive.  Then again, rarely have I found myself in a situation when I didn't have what I needed.

So the Kermit bag (and some accompanying things) comes with me when I travel or when I know I am going to present somewhere.  I've got Lightning cords, 30 pin cords, mini-USB cords, a plug, a mini jack to stereo jack adapter, headphones, extra speakers, audio cords of varying types, headphones (apparently 2 sets), and two styli.

This is the Kermit bag.
I may go a little overboard on the audio cords, but then again, sometimes overboard can be helpful. I've been able to plug my computer into flat-screen tvs with an HDMI cable (left).  The one in the
middle is a mini jack to RCA cables.  This is the cord that plugs into sound systems (PA or theatre). The one on the right is a standard mini jack audio cable.  

A close up of the cords
And thus begins the overkill section.  Here's the contents of one of two bags that I carry in my work bag.  This includes dry erase markers, Sharpies of varying sizes, pencils, pens, and Post-its. I also carry an extra battery and some of my business cards.

Yes...I have an addiction to Post-its and Sharpies.
And the last bag that is in my office bag is the everything else bag.  It's all the other things I think I need on a regular basis.  I've got a pitch pipe, tape, cords and charger, Fitbit charging cord, USB drives, cleaning cloth, barrettes,  and yes, guitar picks. (I'm picky about my guitar picks, pun slightly intended.)
Excessive? Maybe.  

It might be a little excessive, but I feel prepared for just about anything.  I have yet to find a compact power strip and extension cord for when I travel.  I also need to get a VGA adapter.  

I hope this is helpful! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anita's Cheerleaders Part Deux

So, I'm going through some serious transition times.  Yes, it hasn't and won't be easy.

I am thankful that I have awesome friends who are super supportive.  And I am going to need some support along the way.  I want to get back into running.  I just did the Color Run.  (I highly suggest that you do this sometime in your life.)  My friend Laura Kay did this with me, and we did it in 53 minutes, which is a really good time for me.  I just figured out the start to a book that a professor suggested I write.  I want to get back to writing.  

So, what am I asking for?  I'm asking for cheerleaders once again.  It doesn't matter where you live.  I just need folks to cheer me on and keep me on track.  I need to remember that I have support from all over the world.  

So here's the job description...Weeks begin November 4.  The last week begins December 30.  So, friends, pick a week, and let's do this.  

Job Title: Anita’s Cheerleader
Classification: Seasonal, Weekly
Purpose: To make sure that Anita trains and writes between now and the New Year
Essential Job Functions:
1. Be aware of Anita’s goals and keep her accountable to her training and writing goals for the week. 
2. From afar (or a-close, depending on where you live), cheer for her in whatever way you know how (e.g.:Facebook messages, e-mails, postcards, etc.)
3. Suggest a playlist for the week for her to listen to while she runs. 
1. The ability to use the phone, computer, pen and paper
2. The ability to encourage
Anita will equally cheer you on for whatever is going on that week. 
Postcards. Definitely postcards.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Runs with Cheerleaders

So this spring, I attempted to set myself up for success.  I realized what I was missing here out in the woods was a community of folks to cheer me on.  So I asked friends to sign up for a week to be my check in person.  Their job was to make sure that I was working out and eating.  This was a humbling experience as many folks came forward to take the job for a week at a time.  The cheerleader part of this plan worked splendidly.  I did not.
A few weeks in, I caught a cold and/or had some serious allergies, so that put me out for over a week.  Around the same time, the crazy pace of camp came back, which made running more of a challenge.  The nail in the coffin was some rain.  I run on trails, by myself, and I slip when there is no mud.  I didn't want to hurt myself, and have to get myself home.

So, what did I learn this time around?
1. I have pretty awesome friends who send me food (literally) and play lists, and support me when I need it most.
2. Spring is NOT a good time for me to try to get into a running habit again.
3. I know this is silly, but I forget to eat all the time.  This fall, this must be the primary goal.

I'm going to do this again in the fall, complete with cheerleaders and a race to run.  Summer is not the time for me to do this for oh so many reasons.  Hopefully, trying this again in the fall will be better.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stories from the Woods

Spring is springing here at camp!  It's beautiful.  Everything is becoming green again.  It's been raining a lot, which has been desperately needed.

Apparently, this spring, I am obsessed with birds hatching.  I have watched the Decorah Eagle Cam at least once a day, to see how the eaglets are doing.
BUT, close to home, there is goose nest down at the lake.  Mom and Dad are both at the nest.  At last check there were three eggs in the nest.  (My estimation: The eggs should hatch at the end of April.)  It's super stressful to be watching this whole process.  A couple nights ago, around 10 pm, I was walking Jack before bed, and I heard the geese honking up a storm.  I got super worried.  I tried to get Jack to bark, but he wouldn't cooperate. I wish I could put a webcam up similar to the Eagle cam.  I also learned that geese lose their flight feathers when they nest, so they can't escape a predator.  I have considered installing an electric fence around the area of the nest.

Jack desperately wants to play with Momma Goose, and Momma Goose is not happy with Jack's playful nature.  When he smells Momma Goose, he does the "I wanna play!" bark, in the only way that Jack can.
Every time, we walk by, Papa Goose swims out to the middle of the lake, away from Momma.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Job Description: Anita's Cheerleader

So here's the job description for the week for my cheerleaders.  I still need a couple more.

Job Title: Anita’s Cheerleader
Classification: Seasonal
Purpose: To make sure that Anita trains between now and Memorial Day, 2011
Essential Job Functions:
1. Be aware of Anita’s goals and keep her accountable to her training goals for the week.
2. From afar (or a-close, depending on where you live), cheer for her in whatever way you know how (e.g.:Facebook messages, e-mails, postcards, etc.)
3. Suggest a playlist for the week for her to listen to while she runs.
1. The ability to use the phone, computer, pen and paper
2. The ability to encourage
Anita will equally cheer you on for whatever is going on that week.
Postcards. Definitely postcards.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stories from the Woods

This past weekend, I was talking to my friend Lauren and LK. I was telling stories about living in the woods. Lauren suggested that I blog some of the funny/interesting things that happen to me while living in the woods. It's quite different living out here. For example: When I was in the city this past weekend, the first thing I heard when I got out of the car was police sirens. That scared me, as it's been weeks since I've heard sirens. With that being said, here's a story from a couple weeks ago:

Jack and I set out on our morning walk. Soon, we heard this shriek, and Jack let out this echoing bark. I turned to look in the field, and there were two tom turkeys fighting for dominance. Around the toms were a circle of hens, watching the fight. It was turkey fight club. The fighting stopped, and the toms and hens looked at Jack for a second, and (in my head) said meh, and resumed fighting/watching. Jack kept sniffing in their general direction, and after deciding that the threat was minimal kept walking. At the last spotting of the flock of turkeys, dominance had not been decided yet.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Running Update...Help?

So, I realized that it's been 9 months since I last updated my blog. Life is much different than it was 9 months ago, in a very good way.

I decided that one of my goals for 2011 was going to be running 4 5K races, a pretty attainable goal. I signed up for one for March 2011. I would like to run another one in May, October and December. With that being said.....

My training for my first race has been really bad. It hasn't been consistent. I haven't fallen into a good pattern. Over this weekend, I've been thinking about what set me up for success last year, and what I can repeat for this year. This year, geographically, I'm isolated, and the closest training groups that I can find are an hour away. Last year, I had cheerleaders. I had a training group who kept tabs on me over the course of a week. I won't be able to join a training group, but I can still have cheerleaders. I know that many of you have running goals that you have set up for yourself. And here's where you, gentle reader, come into play.

Here's what I want to do. I'm thinking that my next race is going toward the end of May. That's 11 weeks from now. So, I'm wondering if I could have a weekly cheerleader, someone who is my accountability buddy for the week and cheers for me along the way, and keeps me on track. If I happen to be in your neck of the woods during your week (and knowing my life, that's quite possible), hey, let's even go for a run together. And I will cheer for you from afar (or from a-close, whatever), in whatever way I can. I will hold you accountable for your training time or for whatever goal you're working on. So, I'm asking for you, gentle reader, to sign up for a week, to be my running buddy from afar. Week #1 will start March 20. Running? Bring it on.