Monday, May 30, 2011

Runs with Cheerleaders

So this spring, I attempted to set myself up for success.  I realized what I was missing here out in the woods was a community of folks to cheer me on.  So I asked friends to sign up for a week to be my check in person.  Their job was to make sure that I was working out and eating.  This was a humbling experience as many folks came forward to take the job for a week at a time.  The cheerleader part of this plan worked splendidly.  I did not.
A few weeks in, I caught a cold and/or had some serious allergies, so that put me out for over a week.  Around the same time, the crazy pace of camp came back, which made running more of a challenge.  The nail in the coffin was some rain.  I run on trails, by myself, and I slip when there is no mud.  I didn't want to hurt myself, and have to get myself home.

So, what did I learn this time around?
1. I have pretty awesome friends who send me food (literally) and play lists, and support me when I need it most.
2. Spring is NOT a good time for me to try to get into a running habit again.
3. I know this is silly, but I forget to eat all the time.  This fall, this must be the primary goal.

I'm going to do this again in the fall, complete with cheerleaders and a race to run.  Summer is not the time for me to do this for oh so many reasons.  Hopefully, trying this again in the fall will be better.

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