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Blogging with Pen and Paper…..

Or it’s equivalent…..

Writing this blog in MS Word feels like writing with pen and paper.

The internet is down at my apartment. I feel like something is missing. I cannot check IMDB at a moments notice. I cannot check Facebook, MySpace or e-mail. I cannot watch YouTube, check up on blogs, look for plane tickets, look for answers to all the random questions I have while watching TV, research (read: play Webkinz. I do read actual reports too...) and play Scrabulous. I cannot instant message or Skype!

What am I going to do with myself? Well, I’m blogging with MS Word. I started to clean my desk. I’m watching shows on DVD that I haven’t had time to watch since I got them. (Star Trek: Voyager and The Muppet Show, yes, I am a geek.)

I never realize how the internet has revolutionized how I live until it’s gone. I depend on it for research, communication and recreation. I wonder what is going to happen over the next 5, 10, and 20 years how it will continue how to revolutionize how we live. How will the internet continue to evolve? Thoughts?


Andy said…
It will probably become even more incredible, awesome and convenient, but we'll become even more incredibly addicted/dependent on the awesomeness and convenience it offers.
Mary E said…
Yeah, I know that feeling! The few times I've been in hotels without access has been ESPECIALLY when I've missed it.

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