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Job Description: Anita's Cheerleader

So here's the job description for the week for my cheerleaders.  I still need a couple more.

Job Title: Anita’s Cheerleader
Classification: Seasonal
Purpose: To make sure that Anita trains between now and Memorial Day, 2011
Essential Job Functions:
1. Be aware of Anita’s goals and keep her accountable to her training goals for the week.
2. From afar (or a-close, depending on where you live), cheer for her in whatever way you know how (e.g.:Facebook messages, e-mails, postcards, etc.)
3. Suggest a playlist for the week for her to listen to while she runs.
1. The ability to use the phone, computer, pen and paper
2. The ability to encourage
Anita will equally cheer you on for whatever is going on that week.
Postcards. Definitely postcards.

Stories from the Woods

This past weekend, I was talking to my friend Lauren and LK. I was telling stories about living in the woods. Lauren suggested that I blog some of the funny/interesting things that happen to me while living in the woods. It's quite different living out here. For example: When I was in the city this past weekend, the first thing I heard when I got out of the car was police sirens. That scared me, as it's been weeks since I've heard sirens. With that being said, here's a story from a couple weeks ago:

Jack and I set out on our morning walk. Soon, we heard this shriek, and Jack let out this echoing bark. I turned to look in the field, and there were two tom turkeys fighting for dominance. Around the toms were a circle of hens, watching the fight. It was turkey fight club. The fighting stopped, and the toms and hens looked at Jack for a second, and (in my head) said meh, and resumed fighting/watching. Jack kept sniffing in their general direction, and after dec…

Running Update...Help?

So, I realized that it's been 9 months since I last updated my blog. Life is much different than it was 9 months ago, in a very good way.

I decided that one of my goals for 2011 was going to be running 4 5K races, a pretty attainable goal. I signed up for one for March 2011. I would like to run another one in May, October and December. With that being said.....

My training for my first race has been really bad. It hasn't been consistent. I haven't fallen into a good pattern. Over this weekend, I've been thinking about what set me up for success last year, and what I can repeat for this year. This year, geographically, I'm isolated, and the closest training groups that I can find are an hour away. Last year, I had cheerleaders. I had a training group who kept tabs on me over the course of a week. I won't be able to join a training group, but I can still have cheerleaders. I know that many of you have running goals that you have set up for yourself. …