Friday, March 04, 2011

Running Update...Help?

So, I realized that it's been 9 months since I last updated my blog. Life is much different than it was 9 months ago, in a very good way.

I decided that one of my goals for 2011 was going to be running 4 5K races, a pretty attainable goal. I signed up for one for March 2011. I would like to run another one in May, October and December. With that being said.....

My training for my first race has been really bad. It hasn't been consistent. I haven't fallen into a good pattern. Over this weekend, I've been thinking about what set me up for success last year, and what I can repeat for this year. This year, geographically, I'm isolated, and the closest training groups that I can find are an hour away. Last year, I had cheerleaders. I had a training group who kept tabs on me over the course of a week. I won't be able to join a training group, but I can still have cheerleaders. I know that many of you have running goals that you have set up for yourself. And here's where you, gentle reader, come into play.

Here's what I want to do. I'm thinking that my next race is going toward the end of May. That's 11 weeks from now. So, I'm wondering if I could have a weekly cheerleader, someone who is my accountability buddy for the week and cheers for me along the way, and keeps me on track. If I happen to be in your neck of the woods during your week (and knowing my life, that's quite possible), hey, let's even go for a run together. And I will cheer for you from afar (or from a-close, whatever), in whatever way I can. I will hold you accountable for your training time or for whatever goal you're working on. So, I'm asking for you, gentle reader, to sign up for a week, to be my running buddy from afar. Week #1 will start March 20. Running? Bring it on.

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