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What's in my bag?

So, Julie and I had a brief conversation about what is in my "go to" bag.  Well, here it is!  Sometimes I feel like it's excessive.  Then again, rarely have I found myself in a situation when I didn't have what I needed.

So the Kermit bag (and some accompanying things) comes with me when I travel or when I know I am going to present somewhere.  I've got Lightning cords, 30 pin cords, mini-USB cords, a plug, a mini jack to stereo jack adapter, headphones, extra speakers, audio cords of varying types, headphones (apparently 2 sets), and two styli.

I may go a little overboard on the audio cords, but then again, sometimes overboard can be helpful. I've been able to plug my computer into flat-screen tvs with an HDMI cable (left).  The one in the
middle is a mini jack to RCA cables.  This is the cord that plugs into sound systems (PA or theatre). The one on the right is a standard mini jack audio cable.  

And thus begins the overkill section.  Here's the conten…