Saturday, March 19, 2016

What's in my bag?

So, Julie and I had a brief conversation about what is in my "go to" bag.  Well, here it is!  Sometimes I feel like it's excessive.  Then again, rarely have I found myself in a situation when I didn't have what I needed.

So the Kermit bag (and some accompanying things) comes with me when I travel or when I know I am going to present somewhere.  I've got Lightning cords, 30 pin cords, mini-USB cords, a plug, a mini jack to stereo jack adapter, headphones, extra speakers, audio cords of varying types, headphones (apparently 2 sets), and two styli.

This is the Kermit bag.
I may go a little overboard on the audio cords, but then again, sometimes overboard can be helpful. I've been able to plug my computer into flat-screen tvs with an HDMI cable (left).  The one in the
middle is a mini jack to RCA cables.  This is the cord that plugs into sound systems (PA or theatre). The one on the right is a standard mini jack audio cable.  

A close up of the cords
And thus begins the overkill section.  Here's the contents of one of two bags that I carry in my work bag.  This includes dry erase markers, Sharpies of varying sizes, pencils, pens, and Post-its. I also carry an extra battery and some of my business cards.

Yes...I have an addiction to Post-its and Sharpies.
And the last bag that is in my office bag is the everything else bag.  It's all the other things I think I need on a regular basis.  I've got a pitch pipe, tape, cords and charger, Fitbit charging cord, USB drives, cleaning cloth, barrettes,  and yes, guitar picks. (I'm picky about my guitar picks, pun slightly intended.)
Excessive? Maybe.  

It might be a little excessive, but I feel prepared for just about anything.  I have yet to find a compact power strip and extension cord for when I travel.  I also need to get a VGA adapter.  

I hope this is helpful!