Saturday, February 23, 2008

One whole lot of movies...

I just watched all five Best Picture Nominees back to back at the AMC in Roseville.

I'm surprisingly emotionally drained.

I realize that I really can't talk much about the individual movies. The spoiler alert statute of limitations is not up yet.
However, I think I can write about the experience without revealing too many plot points.

So, the order of the films were:
Michael Clayton
There will be blood
No Country For Old Men

Midway through the movie marathon, we started saying that the films were so different. Each one had it's own flavor.
Then again, maybe the movies were more similar....

Michael Clayton deals with corporate corruption. There will be blood...I still can't quite tell you what I was supposed to get out of it. The movie deals with the rising (and falling?) of an oil prospector and his family and associates. Atonement deals with the effects of a lie on family and friends. Juno deals with a teen pregnancy and how the family deals with the situation. No Country for Old Men deals with drug dealing, greed, and honest law enforcement.

Now, how are all of these movies similar?
Each movie deals with the messiness of life. There is corruption, deceit, pregnancy, drug dealing, greed and weird relationships in our lives. Unfortunately, we do not live in a Disney fairytale. (Sad, considering I want to walk into a room with a full production number in progress...) As over the top as some of these films are, they began to encapsulate real life.

Also, the movies were similar in how they ended. Other than Juno, each movie did not end with all of the loose ends tied up. Even Juno, things were "relatively" tied up, but the future was not "perfect." As much as I wish life was sometimes that simple, we leave situations and places with loose ends and more questions.

As for my Oscar pics?

My favorite is Juno, but I think There will be blood will win. I still want Juno to win. Badly.
Note: I wanted Little Miss Sunshine to win last year.

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