Friday, April 15, 2011

Stories from the Woods

Spring is springing here at camp!  It's beautiful.  Everything is becoming green again.  It's been raining a lot, which has been desperately needed.

Apparently, this spring, I am obsessed with birds hatching.  I have watched the Decorah Eagle Cam at least once a day, to see how the eaglets are doing.
BUT, close to home, there is goose nest down at the lake.  Mom and Dad are both at the nest.  At last check there were three eggs in the nest.  (My estimation: The eggs should hatch at the end of April.)  It's super stressful to be watching this whole process.  A couple nights ago, around 10 pm, I was walking Jack before bed, and I heard the geese honking up a storm.  I got super worried.  I tried to get Jack to bark, but he wouldn't cooperate. I wish I could put a webcam up similar to the Eagle cam.  I also learned that geese lose their flight feathers when they nest, so they can't escape a predator.  I have considered installing an electric fence around the area of the nest.

Jack desperately wants to play with Momma Goose, and Momma Goose is not happy with Jack's playful nature.  When he smells Momma Goose, he does the "I wanna play!" bark, in the only way that Jack can.
Every time, we walk by, Papa Goose swims out to the middle of the lake, away from Momma.

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