Monday, March 10, 2008

Unlikely Theologians

Well, I've given this a lot of thought. I am surrounded by unlikely theologians. There are many authors, songwriters, and movie directors that would say that they are NOT theologians...I disagree.

I've been reading Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff by Christopher Moore. I am soon going to read A Song to Sing, a Life to Live by Emily Saliers and Don Saliers. Dr. Don Saliers recently retired. He was a seminary professor at Emory; Emily Saliers makes up one half of the Indigo Girls (my favorite band. ever.).

However, the theologians that have been taking up a lot of mental space are the ones with fur. Yes, Dogs. Dogs have taught me a lot about theology. I know this will sound strange, but read Moltmann and think about a dog. Moltmann makes so much more sense when you think about a dog.

I have had 14 collies in my lifetime. (Well, there are 2 that my mom has now that I kinda consider mine. I haven't lived with them for long periods of time, so are they really mine?) All but 3 are shelter or rescue dogs.

My dog Jack is a collie, and he's blind. He's been blind since birth as a result of irresponsible breeding. (Collies are prone to blindness. Reputable breeders will genetically test for the gene. Jack was born at a puppy mill...) He has taught me about how I respond to God. Just as Jack cannot see me, I cannot see God. I call Jack, just as God calls me. Jack zigzags and meanders, while I keep calling. God keeps calling me and I know that I meander and zigzag and who knows what else. Yet, I keep calling Jack, and God keeps calling me. God continues to be faithful, even when I don't know the way.

Berkeley is a smooth collie (read: short hair). I consider him mine, even though he's back in VA. We got him while I was still in college. Berkeley was found in Berkeley Springs, WV, as a stray. He was abused before we got him. He doesn't like men much, nor does he like newspapers or brooms. Last night he had a Grand Mal seizure. My mom's a wreck (he's her favorite, don't tell the others...). He's not to happy either. He's seeing a specialist today. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I'll update you after he's seen the Vet today.

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Jason said...

Berkeley likes me quite a bit in case you've forgotten.