Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blogging Take 3

I pondered for a long time what to call this post. I've been off the blogging radar since the beginning of May. I have gone through so much...yet at the same time, I haven't.

I pondered many titles for this post, one of which was "Clinging to Hope," which I then decided was a rejected campaign slogan of Obama.

I'm in a GIANT holding pattern....I'm waiting to take off at the Atlanta Airport, and there's fog....OR...I'm in a giant hallway with a million doors and as I start to walk through an open door, the door slams in my face...OR...

I have lots of time to ponder metaphors to explain life right now...All of them have some form of truth to them.

There are days when the frustration of where I am in life is oppressive, like yesterday and today. Then the Holy Spirit starts to work in ways that I will never completely understand. People just show up. These are people who love me unconditionally and let's be honest, I don't deserve them at all. I am blessed to be surrounded by MANY friends and colleagues who love me for who I am. They SUPPORT my strange gifts and qualities, and tell me that I will find a place and that I am smart and talented. They catch me when I'm falling into my dark place (as Grey's Anatomy puts it).

Right now, I'm learning that falling isn't as hard as it seems, and that there are a great number of people who are willing to catch me, and I'm blessed, honored and humbled by them. That and patience at so many levels...But that's another post for another day.

I decided that I'm going to blog about books and articles that I've read recently. Right now, I'm reading Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman and an To the Tune of a Welcoming God by David Weiss. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is in the cue, along with Life Together by Bonhoeffer. (Now that I look through that list, I do think I'm crazy.....)

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