Thursday, April 15, 2010

So it's been a month since I last posted.  And so much has happened in that past month.

So, running.  About that.  I took a break.  I needed to do that.  Allergies, some rain, and some slight ankle/knee pain necessitated a break.

I registered for the Philadelphia Race for the Cure on May 9.  I'll be running with Dana....Well, she will run ahead of me because she is faster than me.  In fact, my race shirt is already in my t-shirt drawer, and my race number and race chip are attached to the back of my front door.  (Shameless Plug: I'm only $200 away from my fundraising goal!  Wanna donate?  Click here.)  I refuse to wear the shirt until the day after the race.  As my coach Juda said, (and taking a page from the movie PCU) "Do not wear the shirt of the race that you are running in." Juda added "I will pretend that I don't know you."   I can't wear the shirt until after the race is over.  It's similar to my "I can't look at the program until the show is over" phobia.  My goal is to finish in 55 minutes.  If I finish any faster than 55 minutes, hey, that's awesome.  And whatever time I finish'll be my personal record!

I'm now trying to decide what to wear at the race...the shirt I got for the last race is long sleeved, and I think it'll be too hot to wear for a May 9 race.

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