Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reason #20,000,000 why I will miss school

There is absolutely no question that I don't want to graduate. I'm ready to have a break. I will truly miss the community that is here.

Today was free Ben and Jerry's Day. After a flurry of phone calls, a friend and I were ready to go. I did a quick run through the dorm to see if anyone else wanted to go. I found one more and brought him along.

Once we got to Ben and Jerry's, we realized that the line was FOUR hours long. So, instead, we went and ate dinner a block away. We laughed, we talked about brokenness in the world, and prayer. It was a moment of "Mutual care and consolation." It was a moment where we could pause, have a moment of fun, bear one another's burdens and joys, and eat.

Once out in the "real world," things like this won't happen as much.
I will miss these impromptu moments of adventure for free Ben and Jerry's.

So, after returning to Luther, I came inside with the impromptu friend. He later told people that I kidnapped him. At least I was a benevolent. And let's be honest, it was for ice cream.

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