Sunday, April 27, 2008


I've been following the blogs of two conferences this weekend.

One is the Web 2.0 conference being held in San Francisco. The other one is not receiving as much press, ROFLCon.

Here's the description of ROFLCon in their own words:
Mix up a bunch of super famous internet memes, some brainy academics, a big audience, dump them in Cambridge, MA and you've got ROFLCon.

What has been receiving press has been the internet celebrities, like the Bert is Evil guy (it disturbs me because of my extreme love of all things Muppet), Jibjab, and the xkcd guy.

Had I known about this conference, I would have gone to it. If they do another one, I am so there.

Regardless, one of the posts that has intrigued me greatly was from Wired News.
Read the article here. (I'll try to find the full lecture.)
She called for a revolution. She called for new media to not be sexist, racist and something to be proud of.

The church is in a great position to respond to the revolution in so many ways. Churches can be participating in new media, and encouraging members to create media that is not sexist or racist. There is so much more that I could put here about how the church can participate.

The $10 Million question is how. How does the church accomplish this? How can the church encourages others to do the same?

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